Movement is Medicine: Natural Anxiety Relief

Oct 10, 2022

 by Mike Bevard

Did you know that reports of anxiety are up 25% over the past couple of years?

I personally think this number is super low since anxiety shows up in different ways for different people … and it’s not always easy to recognize. 

A few ways it can show up: feeling restless or agitated, having headaches and/or unexplained pains, trouble focusing, feeling tired, disrupted sleep, and constant worrying. 

One of the best natural ways to get almost immediate relief from anxiety is to EXERCISE – especially workouts that get your heart rate up!

It works in a few different ways to help you feel better, and studies show it rivals some prescription meds. (Pretty awesome!)

Here are a few ways exercise helps battle anxiety:

  • It can get your mind off of whatever is making you feel anxious (Get out of your head and into your body) 
  • The very act of moving stops your muscles from being so tense
  • Getting your heart rate up boosts anti-anxiety brain chemicals
  • Plus, it activates the part of your brain that helps control the amygdala (Your amygdala can trigger feelings of fear & anxiety) 
  • PLUS … exercising regularly can help you become less vulnerable to strong emotions

The more regular you are with your workouts, the better your anxiety-killing results.

For the best results, find activities that get your heart rate up AND that you like doing – and keep doing them. 

And … if you are experiencing serious anxiety, be sure to seek help from a medical professional. 

Just another reason to move your body and get in some workouts this week! 

Get After It!
Coach Mike

PS- If you need help getting moving and finding an exercise program that's right for you, talk to a coach! Shoot me a text at 402-405-2797 and we can hop on a quick call.