September Warrior of the Month

Sep 26, 2022

 by Mike Bevard

We are proud to award the September WOM to Linda West!

She has been training with us for over 7 years and shows that age is just a number!

Fitness is a way for her to do the things she loves in life and be active into her 70’s! She brings fun and smiles to the dojo and I’m so impressed with her consistency by training 3x/week and making it a part of her routine.

We are lucky to have Linda in the Familia and couldn’t be more proud of her!

Check out her story below! 

Tell us about yourself:

Family is very important to me, they are my everything and I enjoy sharing their passions with them. Everything from NASCAR to golfing. Vance and I have been married for 47 years and says we make a good team, especially when mowing the back 40 (Commons Area) behind our home. Our grandson Easton is a junior at East High School and we enjoy going to the various sporting activities where he is the mascot.

How has TFW helped you?

I never had really done any weight training before and was intimidated by lifting weights. The TFW Coaches are always watching out to make sure our form is correct and are extremely helpful to make changes if you are not able to do a particular exercise. They are even very kind and encourage body weight exercises if necessary (which is my case is a lot of the time).

How is TFW different?

I have participated in many different exercise programs in the past. Everything from YWCA aerobics, Jazzercise, Water aerobics and all were good but seemed to be missing something. Here at TFW you can focus on not only body, but also includes mind and spirit and even nutrition (if you choose - and where I need ALOT of practice!).

How has TFW made you better?

I think I'm a better person both inside and out because of the personalized coaching.

What keeps you coming back?

All of the people from the Coaches to all the great friends I've made in class. Everyone seems to care about you.

Any advice for someone thinking about joining?

If you're thinking about joining, please give it a try. You'll wonder why it took you so long and will make not only new friends but will improve your quality of life.


Join us for a FREE 1-week trial. Come in and meet Linda along with our amazing coaches and students. You’ll get the support you need to help you improve your life!

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